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The paradox of prevailing wage

A worker at the Kroc Center, Boston. Photo by Travis Watson

A worker at the Kroc Center, Boston. Photo by Travis Watson

On paper, the Davis‐Bacon Act reads like a fantastic tool. And in many respects, it is. It has improved income disparities between white and black workers, facilitated equal pay for equal work, and helped stop wage theft. However, it’s important to understand the history of the Davis‐Bacon Act and how it has transitioned from a tool created to bar black workers to one that, however unintentionally, creates severe road‐blocks for Boston’s black‐owned contractors from working on projects, often right in their backyards.

Where are the MBEs?

Andrew Seeder , from  CLF , geocoded our MBE database.

Andrew Seeder, from CLF, geocoded our MBE database.


A Globe analysis found that for every hour of employment for a black construction worker, a white construction worker got nearly a full day’s work.
— Boston Globe, A Brand New Boston, Even Whiter Than The Old 12/11/17